Vagina Painting

Vagina Painting, VIVO Media Art Centre, 2017

Vagina Painting (After Kubota) is an homage to artist and Fluxus member Shigeko Kubota. In this performance I use my body to create an abstract painting using red wine & gouache paint. Throughout this process I consider the colonial legacy of violence against women. I consider my phenomenological, or lived experiences, as a queer, sexualized, gendered and disabled bodied person. I think of body as both object and subject and the tension inherent in this duality.


 “Brilliant and quietly challenging” 
-Wanda VanderStoop, Director of Distribution, Vtape, Toronto

“ [Vagina Painting] was incredible to watch as there are so many levels to the piece, it left me thinking about a number of things – the act of painting and gender, excess, the gaze, the current political climate, the representation of women in art history, and those things about the body that are non-negotiable. The tension between the private, intimate space you created, and the audience in a public space felt tangible to me even through video-Margaret Dragu, artist