As an instructor it is important that I offer students, or participants, a diversity of ideas and artistic strategies for experimentation, and that I respond to a wide range of artistic practices and ideas with friendly and constructive feedback.  I bring to the classroom, or workshop, my background in performance and painting both as an artist and curator. I am personally involved with GBLTQ2+, queer and transgendered communities across Canada, and I am also very active in Canadian artist-run culture.

I believe the challenges of inspiring and engaging  people to become more confident with their creativity and imagination involves the ability to work independently as well as collaboratively, to engage in attentive listening and to gain an awareness of others artistic processes through projects, presentations and critiques.

As an instructor, I am as enthusiastic about studio practice as I am about what takes place outside of the studio and classroom. Through the organization of  exhibitions, field trips to museums and galleries as well as guest lectures and artist talks, I engage folks on all levels of professional development.

My own education involved critiques from professors, visiting artists and others students, and I bring this background and knowledge base to the classroom in a supportive setting that is based on mutual respect, an understanding of difference and a fundamental respect for artistic exploration.

Performance Art