Queer Lines (For Agnes)

Queer Lines (For Agnes), FADO Performance Art Centre, 2021

In the spring of 2021, I was given the opportunity to make a video performance through an at-home residency where I reside in Vancouver, through FADO Performance Art Centre (Toronto, Canada).(http://www.performanceart.ca) Titled, Queer Lines, this work marks pandemic time through the abstraction of the traditional Pride Flag. I use my body in unexpected ways to paint acrylic washes on an unstretched canvas on the ground.  A soundscape made from this process of performance-painting compliments the video work. 

This process of investigation concentrates on the subject-object binary through an embodied practice. To do this, I employ paint brushes I make from my own hair, paint, straws, my toothbrush as some of the items I use to paint with and that work sculpturally as extensions of my body. 

Primarily, “Queer Lines” takes art historical cues from abstract painter Agnes Martin, utilizing an abstraction of the horizontal lines found in her later work. Inspired by her resistance to patriarchal norms realized in both her painting and her writing, I find her contributions to a definition of queering art history as provocative, and I understand “Queer Lines” as an extension of the questions she was pursuing.